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Asbestos Cladding Removal

From roofing to fences and outer walls, Australian cladding installed prior to 1992 may contain toxic asbestos. For this reason, Low Impact’s technical team provide a dedicated asbestos cladding removal service across the NSW Central Coast.

If testing uncovers asbestos at your property, we highly recommend cladding removal as soon as can be arranged. Even if you merely suspect that asbestos is present, our experienced technicians will devise a strategic plan for testing and removal wherever required.

Safe and Efficient Asbestos Cladding Removal


Once the presence of asbestos is confirmed, removal should be arranged as soon as possible. At Low Impact, our fully trained and licensed professionals provide prompt asbestos classing removal within a short turnaround.


Although speed is always a priority, we guarantee that all removal work is conducted safely in line with current regulations and guidelines. Our services can be arranged for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial settings, aiming to resolve your asbestos issues in quick fashion.

Why Should I Arrange Asbestos Cladding Removal?


Airborne asbestos fibres are incredibly dangerous. Exposure to fibres and particles can lead to a variety of serious health conditions. Unfortunately, many Australian properties still feature layers of cladding and sheets that are riddled with this toxic substance. Before its dangers became common knowledge, asbestos was widely used in layers of protective cladding in homes and businesses.


Asbestos cladding removal must be handled by licensed professionals. Any layers that are known to or may contain asbestos should be removed and replaced with safe, regulation compliant cladding.



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