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NBN Asbestos Removal

As the NBN rollout continues, significant asbestos concerns have come to the surface. Testing has shown that Australia’s telecommunications systems were built using a large amount of asbestos-containing materials. Now that these systems are being accessed for NBN installation purposes, these dangerous asbestos materials pose an increased risk to both workers and the general public.


As a civil communications contractor that is fully insured and qualified to work with asbestos, Low Impact can assist you. Our WorkSafe accredited team can provide comprehensive asbestos removal for NBN. This encompasses fully compliant testing, removal, and disposal services.

To discuss asbestos roof removal in Newcastle and across NSW, including Nelson Bay and the Central Coast, call the Low Impact team today.

Fully Compliant Asbestos Removal for NBN


When it comes to end-to-end NBN pit installation, the team at Low Impact can help. We understand the danger that NBN asbestos pits can pose and we offer fully compliant, fully qualified NBN pit asbestos removal. We will complete work on your NBN pit infrastructure to ensure any hazardous asbestos materials and fibres are fully removed.


For more information or to get a quote on asbestos removal for NBN, contact Low Impact today.



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