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Discovered Asbestos?

Asbestos was a popular building material in Australia until as recently as 1992​.

We remove asbestos safely and quickly


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Garage and house roofs, as well as bathrooms, are often discovered to contain asbestos. We can quickly remove and dispose of the problem as well as supply you with a price for the replacement roofing or paneling if you want a turn-key solution.

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Business warehouses, shops, and stores frequently contain asbestos panels. Accidentally discovering this when carrying renovations or fitting solar systems is the main reason we get the call to come and sort the problem out quickly.

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Large commercial units or demolition projects where asbestos is discovered before or during works. Our team can quickly assess the asbestos removal requirements and get you compliant so your project stays on track.

We professionally remove asbestos quickly and safely for small and large projects. If you think you might have an asbestos issue give us a quick call and get it dealt with.

Low Impact is a local family-owned and operated business. We operate in an environmentally and customer-friendly way.

All our staff are fully trained and insured to work with asbestos.

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Asbestos was used extensively until 1992 

for fencing, roofing and wall panels. If it becomes broken or damaged in any way it requires professional emergency removal.

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You give Low Impact a quick

call to see what needs to be done

Low Impact estimates over the phone and arrange a site inspection to agree on scope and cost

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Low Impact gets rid of your asbestos problem

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How To Deal With Asbestos When You Find It

  • Why is asbestos considered dangerous?
    Asbestos fibres have been recognised as a serious and deadly for several decades. The fibres enter the lungs and cause long term damage that frequently results in a lingering and painful death. A common building material that has been used extensively as a roofing, walling and panelling building product. Once it is damaged in any way the air bourne health risks need to be dealt with by a professional contractor.
  • Is all asbestos dangerous?
    If asbestos is undamaged it is still 'safe' Asbestos becomes dangerous when the sheets are broken, drilled or damaged in any way.
  • Can I simply bag up my asbestos and dump it myself?
    No! Once asbestos is damaged, broken or even drilled into you should immediately contact a professional asbestos removal company. The fibres are nearly invisible and you may be putting your and your families's health at risk. It is also highly illegal.
  • Can I bag it up and get you to dump it?
    No! The danger from asbestos comes from being near the broken pieces. We wear breathing gear, full body suits taped at both the ankles and wrists. Please call us if you find asbestos and don't take any DIY chances
  • Can you replace the asbestos with a safe material?
    Yes we frequently quote for 'like for like' so if you would like a complete removal and reinstatement price please let us know. We like making things really simple.

"Adam and the team at Low Impact removed our asbestos problem quickly and fuss-free."

Peter - Happy customer

"Asbestos is one of those words no one wants to hear but Adam was able help us by removing it professionally"

Mark- posted on our socials

"Finding asbestos gave us a shock so Adam's professional service got

us back on track."

Margaret - Another happy customer

Asbestos is a common legacy building product

Asbestos is frequently discovered during renovation work especially in bathrooms and kitchens

We can remove the asbestos safely and quickly for you and make sure your renovation stays on track.

We have a team of experienced tradespeople who work with us so if you need a 'remove and replace' service then we can help you out.


Who Calls Us In?

We get phone calls from councils, business owners, builders, renovators, homeowners and a wide range of corporate customers who think they may have found some asbestos.

We also do contract work for the NBN to replace old asbestos pits with new safe plastic ones.

Asbestos bagged for safe disposal
Asbestos removed for house renovation
Asbestos pit remediation

Please use a licensed professional for your next project and stay safe.

Adam will give you peace of mind over the phone so that steps can 

be taken to deal with the issue.

At Low Impact Solutions, we help private and commercial clients across NSW. We’ve taken on a variety of small and large-scale projects. We always provide personalised attention to ensure precision and satisfaction with all of our work. Take a look at our recent projects and get in touch today!

Licenced Asbestos removal

Efficient. Reliable and Safe Removal


Low Impact Solutions is a company that care about the planet, its people and your pocket. We’ve provided clients with a wide range of contracting services. Whether you want to remove that old asbestos roof or need asbestos sheeting removed from your walls or floor, our contracting services are a great option for you. Contact us to receive a free quote today.

Low Impact Solutions is licensed to remove all types of B Class asbestos for both domestic and commercial clients.

Worksafe accredited  supervisors

Fully insured

(Workcover and public liability insurance)

If you are not sure if asbestos is onsite we can arrange testing.

Low Impact Solutions is trusted by leading telecommunication company for:

  • Asbestos pit removal

  • P5, P6, P8, P9 installation

  • Rodding, Roping and Proving

  • Blockages rectified

  • LIC installation

  • Concrete B/O and reinstatement

Asbestos Removal Newcastle


Asbestos was extensively used in a range of building materials until the early 1990s. This means a range of older properties may contain asbestos fibres, which can cause long-term lung damage and can ultimately be fatal.


If you’re looking for quick, safe, professional and compliant asbestos removal in Newcastle and beyond, contact the Low Impact team. We work around Newcastle, Nelson Bay and the Central Coast and further afield, safely identifying and removing asbestos for you.


Working in all commercial, residential, and industrial environments, we can undertake both large and small asbestos removal jobs. As a fully NBN compliant team, we can even assist you with end-to-end NBN pit installation and NBN asbestos removal services.


Contact us today to arrange asbestos removal in Newcastle and across NSW.


Commercial and Industrial Asbestos Removal


Whether you manage a warehouse, a retail shop or store, or a large commercial unit, the Low Impact team can help you. Commercial and industrial properties regularly contain asbestos panels that need to be safely identified and removed. You might discover these panels when you’re carrying out renovations and civil works, fitting a solar system, or preparing for a demolition project.


Low Impact can quickly assess your site and complete compliant industrial and commercial asbestos removal, helping your project stay on track. We are fully trained, insured, and WorkSafe accredited for your peace of mind.


Residential Asbestos Removal


As well as commercial and industrial asbestos removal, we also specialise in residential services. Garages, roofs, bathrooms, and fencing are all among the common residential sites where asbestos is often found.


We can quickly identify, remove, and dispose of asbestos, providing a full residential asbestos removal solution. Low Impact can also supply you with a price for the replacement of roofing or panelling, offering an affordable turn-key solution.


With more than 23 years of experience, our family-owned and operated team can assist you in a convenient, environmentally-friendly manner. Contact us today.

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