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Asbestos Removal Cameron Park

Asbestos was widely used in building materials up until the early 1990s. This means if your home, property, or infrastructure was built or renovated before 1992, it may be hiding asbestos below the surface.


At Low Impact, our fully qualified, insured, and WorkSafe accredited asbestos professionals work all across the NSW Central Coast. We can come to you for asbestos removal in Cameron Park, whether you’re concerned about a residential, commercial, or industrial property.

If you’re planning a renovation, demolition, NBN installation, civil works, or you’re just concerned about the potential presence of asbestos, call Low Impact first! We will identify any asbestos and undertake compliant asbestos removal in Cameron Park for you.

Get Answers with Professional Asbestos Testing in Cameron Park

Not sure if you’ve stumbled upon asbestos in your property? Asbestos is common in a range of areas, including roofing, fencing, and tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. If you think you’ve discovered asbestos, the most important thing to do is keep a safe distance and call the professionals.

Low Impact has the equipment and the training to gather a sample and complete asbestos testing in Cameron Park. If the tests confirm the presence of asbestos, we will take care of full removal and disposal for you.


Fully Compliant NBN Asbestos Removal in Cameron Park

As the NBN rollout continues, it has become clear that much of Australia’s existing telecommunications infrastructure contains dangerously high levels of asbestos. Our asbestos qualified civil communication contractors can assist with NBN asbestos removal in Cameron Park, letting you get on with safe and effective NBN pit installation.


To enquire about any form of asbestos removal and asbestos testing in Cameron Park, contact us today!

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