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Asbestos Removal Edgeworth

Concerned about asbestos at your property? Low Impact carry out comprehensive inspections and safe asbestos removal for Edgeworth locals. Our experienced team operate throughout the greater Newcastle area, specialising in asbestos testing for residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

If your property predates the 1990s, asbestos could be hidden behind cladding, walls, roofing, tile underlays, fencing and downpipes. Wherever it may be, any underlying issues require urgent action. Low Impact’s efficient asbestos removal not only serves a critical safety purpose, but also gives you complete peace of mind moving forward.

Get Answers with Professional Asbestos Testing in Edgeworth

Australia was once one of the asbestos capitals of the world. As a result, this material still lies undetected in countless residential, commercial, and industrial settings across the nation. Unless you are already aware of asbestos, Low Impact’s thorough testing can determine whether or not asbestos removal is required.

The spread of asbestos fibres has dire consequences, from lung cancer to mesothelioma, asbestosis, pleural plaques and pleural thickening. Exposure to occupants and workers also raises serious liability issues. If you want real answers and quick solutions, contact Low Impact for detailed asbestos testing in Edgeworth.


Fully Compliant NBN Asbestos Removal in Edgeworth

Low Impact’s civil communication contractors offer specialised assistance and NBN asbestos removal across the Edgeworth area. During telecommunication works, existing asbestos may be unknowingly released into the atmosphere. Asbestos removal must take place before the installation phase begins. Regardless of the setting, our experienced asbestos removal team can facilitate a smooth, safe and hazard free NBN setup.

Contact Adam and the Low Impact team today for a free quote!

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