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Asbestos Removal Hunter Valley

Are you looking for professional and compliant asbestos removal in the Hunter Valley? For more than 23 years, the fully qualified, insured, and WorkSafe accredited team at Low Impact has been providing a full range of asbestos solutions. Before your next residential demolition, commercial renovation, industrial project or civil works, get peace-of-mind asbestos services from the Low Impact team.

Asbestos was widely used as a construction material until the early 1990s and it could be found in roofing, fencing, garages and the tiles of your home or building, to name just a few locations. Asbestos was also widely used in existing telecommunications infrastructure, making asbestos removal an important step in NBN installations.

For a full range of services related to asbestos removal in the Hunter Valley, contact us today.

Get Answers with Professional Asbestos Testing in Hunter Valley

If you think you’ve discovered asbestos in your property, contact our professionals now. Asbestos materials can be extremely dangerous and can cause irreparable lung disease if inhaled. When asbestos is disturbed, the fibres can become airborne, increasing the risk of disease.

Low Impact can come to you for professional asbestos testing in the Hunter Valley. We can collect a sample and perform comprehensive removal and disposal if required. 


Fully Compliant NBN Asbestos Removal in Hunter Valley

The Low Impact team are fully qualified civil communication contractors and asbestos removal specialists. If you’re looking for NBN asbestos removal in the Hunter Valley, contact our team. Low Impact can perform asbestos removal to assist with end-to-end NBN pit installation.


For asbestos testing in the Hunter Valley and a full range of removal and disposal services, contact us today and get a quote!

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